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The Mind of Christ:
The Truth About Jesus

David and Retta Thayer
the mind of christ
We dare you to read this book! What you will find here is an earth-shattering interpretation of the mind and consciousness of Jesus of Nazareth. Who he was and what he did can all be explained by a radical change in his state of consciousness, which occurred when he was baptized by John the Baptist: He attained Christ Consciousness. Read this if you dare. If this book goes viral it may turn all of Christian Theology on its head. We sincerely hope that it does just that.

From the Preface:
It is virtually certain that more books have been written about one man from Nazareth than about any other person in history. It is nearly as certain that not one of them has tried to describe the particular nature of the consciousness of that man…

This book is difficult, perhaps dangerous. If you already have faith in Christ you may find many of the concepts presented here shocking or even blasphemous. At the least, some of your most cherished beliefs will be challenged. Nevertheless, you should press on. If you feel uncomfortable—even afraid—then you are one of those to whom this book is especially directed. The more you feel threatened by the book, the more you should be determined to finish it. Once you really begin to understand it, it will become much easier. You may find a reconciliation before you reach the end.
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