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The Nutter Chronicles:
Emma Nutter’s Letters to Her Mother

David Thayer
The Nutter Chronicles
A pioneer couple's experience in crossing the Rocky Mountains by covered wagon and settling in the early gold-mining town of Ouray, Colorado, from 1877 to 1882. Brings to life the early days of the settlement of America in the form of Emma Nutter's letters to her mother.

From the Prologue:
In the spring of 1876 my great-grandmother Emma Nutter and her husband, Charles, emigrated from Watson, Illinois, to Pueblo, Colorado. After living in Pueblo for one year they pulled up stakes and traveled by covered wagon over the Rocky Mountains to the mining town of Ouray, Colorado. During this period Emma wrote a number of letters to her mother back in Illinois. Years later, with the help of one of her daughters, Eveline Pearl Nutter, she reconstructed these letters for the sake of posterity (Emma was well-known for her excellent, vivid memory). At some point in the mid-twentieth century, my aunt, Kathleen Thayer, made typewritten copies of these letters, which were at that time in the possession of Eveline Nutter. When Kay discovered (in the 1960s) that I would be interested in having the letters, she typed a new set (rather than making photo-copies, which were rather expensive then) and sent the new copies to me.
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