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Complete Pre-Press Services

Rapidsoft’s pre-press services are designed to bring your project to fruition through a comprehensive arc of essential elements and those which can enhance the original concept. These include:

Manuscript preparation. We take your text in many common formats, including plain text, RTF (rich text format), and Microsoft Word. We process it according to Chicago Manual of Style standards and typeset it in professional fonts of your choice. We take care of pagination, headers, etc.

A Piece of Caste Metal Type

Rapidsoft pre-press services

  1. face
  2. body (shank)
  3. point size (one em)

  1. shoulder
  2. nick
  3. groove
  4. feet
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Print-on-Demand Publishing

Yes, we’ve come a long way. From cave drawings to chisel on stone, from woodblock printing to movable type, from Intaglio to the photocopier: we considered all of them the dominant printing method of the day.

With the advent of digital printing, print-on-demand technology now allows us to produce publications “to order” in individual or bulk runs. The method bypasses those “traditional” systems involving time-consuming setup of type and plates in favor of an array of digital tools. We find it cost-effective, and our clients certainly like the greatly reduced time involved from final draft to finished product.

Publications include business cards, company flyers, and books, all professionally typeset and ready to print. Final product supplied in the form of one or more press-quality Adobe PDF files. These publications are ready to print as is, including publication through companies such as CreateSpace, an Amazon company. We can also recommend high-quality printing shops and binders for hardbound books, companies whose standards match our own.

For book-length publications, we can offer sub-contracted professional editorial work of the highest quality. We make no profit on these subcontracts, the cost is simply passed on to you, the customer, without any add-on.

Book Printer’s Shop

Rapidsoft Press print on demand

Impression Librium, from Nova Reperta, plate 4
by Jan Van der Straet, published ca. 1600

from The Metropolitan Museum of Art

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Photograph Restoration and Repair

A Rapidsoft Press specialty, we utilize the latest technologies to take old photographs—damaged by time, smudging, fading, wear and tear—and restore them, while honoring the intent and spirit of the original photography.

Within the limits of possibility, we can restore old, faded prints and repair defects such as folds, creases, or tears in the paper. We can also restore the original color to old color prints or color slides (35-mm). Some prints may be so badly faded that they cannot be fully restored (the information just isn’t there anymore), and prints with missing faces cannot be restored—such restoration would amount to art work, not photographic repair.
Before After
Before After
This Ektachrome slide taken in August 1956, although still sharp, has suffered from serious color shifting.

The same Ektachrome photo, shown after color cast adjustment in PhotoImpact 11.0. The adjustment point was the car body, using the actual RGB values for the paint: 1955 Cadillac Eldorado “Bahama Blue Metallic.”

Click HERE for additional photo samples.

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Desktop Publishing for the Twenty-First Century

first halftone Rapidsoft Press

This is the first halftone print of a photo placed in a US periodical (on December 2, 1873.)

The photo is of Steinway Hall on East 14th Street, New York City.

The Graphic newspaper reproduced this image on March 4, 1880.

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